Teju is a writer, poet and urban geographer. Her work focuses on how city culture, urbanism, and cultural geographies intersect with art and activism, networked technology, marginalized populations, and inclusive communities. She does this using a digital, decolonial, diasporic, transnational lens that is informed by culturally relevant moments. Teju spends her time on community event curation, performing, development, collaborative projects, and writing. She is interested in mapping and documenting Black futures.

To date, Teju has done projects in Israel/Palestine, Ireland, Panama, and Hungry on issues such as nationalism, access, identity, urban exclusion and diaspora. In 2017 Teju did writing projects, research, talks and performances in six different countries about Black geographies, Black urbanism & diasporic art and culture. Over the past decade Teju has received funding for her work and merit from institutions such as the European Commission, Clorox Foundation, Marcus Foster Education Institute, and National Coalition of 100 Black Women. 


4Cities UNICA (Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe)
Masters of Science: Urban Studies
Wesleyan University
Bachelors of Arts: Sociology and Critical Theory