Teju is a Jamaican-American writer, geographer and poet. Having lived in five European countries and done projects in several others, for over a decade Teju’s work has centered on political, racial and environmental justice. Her focus is on urban culture, environmental issues, alternative geographies, and sustainable futures. Teju uses a digital, uncolonial, diasporic lens that is informed by culturally resonant art and activism. Teju is interested in mapping and documenting Black (read: resilient / ecological) futures. She spends her time on critical organizing, supporting community initiatives, transnational research, consulting with progressive organizations, working with radical philanthropists and doing talks on opportunities for equity. Teju is based in Oakland, California - but often in other places.


4Cities UNICA (Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe)
Masters of Science: Urban Studies
focus: urban geography, cultural geography, art and activism in cities

Wesleyan University
Bachelors of Arts: Sociology and Critical Theory
focus: nationalism and identity, social exclusion, urban sociology, and diaspora studies