Collaboration with Kids of the Diaspora

KIDS OF THE DIASPORA is a poetic fashion movement that invites everyone to embrace themselves and not to compromise an ounce of their personality and appearance. The brand finds it's inspiration in concemporary diaspora dimesnions. It is a safe haven for all individuals who are in the search of identity and gives people the freedom to belong to a community of like-minded peopel regardless the gender, sexual interest, heritage or skin color.

Kids of the Diaspora commissioned Teju to write a poem dedicated to the children of the diaspora around the world. An excerpt from the poem is featured on the red tags on some of the KOTD apparel.


The poem was featured in the Paris edition of the Kids of the Diaspora magazine: Out of Home, in 2017. It is also used in other KOTD branding and on social media.

Where are you from?
A question I have been asked since I was young, from
from Africa
from my mother
From Diaspora

Where have you been?
In a world evolved from colonialism
Dialect colloquialisms
Resisting all the negative -isms
Is dem?
Is dey?
We dey.
We dey come from many places
We dey come across many oceans
We dey citizens of many nations
For the Olympics I was rooting for the whole African Diaspora and every time we win!