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This thesis explores, documents, and aims to further understand the urban subaltern experience for Black artists and activists in Vienna, Brussels, and Oakland, California.  

Geographies of a Transnational Urban Black Consciousness Through Artists and Activists: Mapping Self-Directed Blackness in Vienna, Brussels, and Oakland (2017)

Teju's research focus is primarily regarding mircogeographies of diasporic communities in European and American cities, but more generally – around the world. Topics she works on include transnational Blackness, urban exclusion, social art practice, decolonization, diasporic narratives and city culture initiated by subaltern/postcolonial communities. Her work intends to further expand the terrains of Blackness, urbanism and human geography.

In addition to her research on geographies of Blackness, Teju focuses more broadly on how postcolonialism is manifested in urbanity. The ways in which postcolonial communities express themselves in urban contexts, their mobility patterns as impacted by their culture, as well as using a postcolonial lens through which to understand urbanism.